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technology that powers Web3

hands typing with podcast and studio equipment in the back representing a creator

The Creator Economy

Crypto nug of the day: Web3 is being built on blockchain tech and one important reason why is it provides news ways to coordinate economic incentives. On an episode of the Bankless Podcast titled “The Creator Economy”, Li Jin from the panel broke down the Creator Economy into 4 chapters: Rise of social networking (everyone…
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Geometric shapes symbolizing decentralization

Defi vs Cefi vs TradFi

DeFi stands for “Decentralized Finance”, CeFi stands for “Centralized Finance”, TradFi stands for “Traditional Finance” TradFi is what we are all familiar with: banks. We already get it. Enough said. CeFi is institutional, in the context of crypto, it would be companies like Coinbase. You link your bank account and exchange traditional money for cryptocurrency….
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